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Make a Great First Impression with Acrylic Office Signs

Give your office a professional makeover with modern acrylic signs. Our signs look premium and are the ideal option for any office that wants to make a strong first impression with visitors.

Choose from a wide range of designs and printing options for the ultimate signage. We don’t offer standard signs – every sign is customized with your brand and messaging.

We work with businesses across Edmonton for workplace signage, including: 

Discuss your requirements with an experienced sign team today. Our signage professionals bring years of design expertise to help you create attractive signs for your office.

Find All Types of Acrylic Signs

Get custom acrylic signs and make your branding stand out. We design creative signs that include your logo, colors, business name, and more.

Find the right signs for your business, including:

Can’t find the sign you are looking for? We are a full-service sign company that can custom design any type of sign. Our fabrication shop personalizes every sign for our customers.

Don’t work with just any sign company; work with the best. At 3Sixty Sign Solutions, you will work with a team that has a track record of building eye-catching signs that drive conversions. 

We sit with you to understand your requirements and suggest designs for your office. Talk to a sign pro today.

We sit with you to understand your requirements and suggest designs for your office. Talk to a sign pro today.

Custom Acrylic Signs in Edmonton, AB
Botanical Care Acrylic Signs in Edmonton, AB

What Are the Two Types of Acrylic Sign Finishes?

Often called “plexiglass signs,” these signs are made of acrylic, a plastic that looks and feels like glass. Acrylic itself is transparent, but any design can be etched or printed on it.

Choose from two types of acrylic finishes: matte and gloss.

Matte finish – This is achieved through standard surface printing, where the design is printed on the front of the sign. 

Gloss finish – This is achieved using second surface (or sub-surface) printing. Here, the design is printed on the back of the acrylic sheet.

Make sure you talk to a signage professional before ordering your sign. Our team will give you tips to find the right option and keep the cost of acrylic signs within budget.

Benefits and Uses of Acrylic Signs

Get a luxurious glass look with the durability of plastic. Acrylic is the material of choice for businesses that want a premium finish at a reasonable price.

Make your office space stand out with acrylic wall signs such as:

Unlike other sign shops in Edmonton, we only use high-grade acrylic. Our signs resist scratching and do not need any special care.

Cubekin Acrylic Signs in Edmonton, AB

Acrylic Sign Printing in Edmonton, AB

Looking for “acrylic signs near me”? 3Sixty Sign Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all types of professional signs. We work with businesses and establishments across the city for premium signage.

Our customers trust us for signs that look great and deliver excellent value for your investment. 

Discuss your requirements with a sign professional in Edmonton today. Whether you need a single small sign or acrylic wall signs for your entire office, we can make it happen.

Acrylic Signs FAQS:

That really depends on what graphics you’re displaying, where you’ll be installing it, and the kind of finish you want. Standard glossy banners are great for displaying images and photographs. The glossy look really pops! Matte banners are ideal for areas where you expect a lot of glare, such as from spotlights or outdoors. They can be easier to read than glossy banners as a result.
Indoor signs can be made from a wide range of materials, including aluminum, steel, acrylic, vinyl, bronze, and wood. What material you should use for your signs depends on the ‘look and feel’ you want and your budget. If you’re not sure what material you should use, talk to us to find the best options for your application and budget.
Acrylic offers a luxurious glass look with none of the fragility of glass. Acrylic resists shattering, scratching, and breaking far more than glass. It’s why we use acrylic in place of glass for our outdoor signs. Acrylic can withstand minor knocks, too, without cracking. That’s why people love to purchase them!
Indoor signs can cost from as little as $5 for a small vinyl sticker to over $7,000 for a large lobby sign. The cost of an indoor sign depends on its style, size, material, and installation option. The price may not include shipping and installation, so make sure to ask about that.
Indoor signs are some of the most versatile signs you can get for your business. They can help tighten your sales funnel, improve office ambiance, and make your space your own. Some, such as accessibility and emergency signs, are required by law, and you can face hefty fines if you don’t install them.

Speak to a representative about your requirements.