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Looking for large murals for your premises or small branded stickers? 3Sixty Sign Solutions is the go-to decal shop in Edmonton for personalized vinyl decals. We print and install large and small decals.

No decal too big or too small – we print everything from vehicle wraps to wall murals to small window stickers!

Make an impression that sticks with durable vinyl signs for your business. Vinyl can be installed on cars, windows, walls, product packaging, and more. Make your products and premises stand out with customized stickers.

We work with professionals, retailers, educational institutions, marketing agencies, and many other businesses in Edmonton. Our team makes getting personalized decals easy. We design, print, and install custom decals.

Send us your design or discuss your requirements today.

Pick up your decals in Edmonton today. We ship across Canada. Express printing and shipping are available.

Types of Custom Decals

Get custom decals that you can stick almost anywhere:


Don’t see the stickers you’re looking for? All our decals are custom-made with your design in Edmonton. Decals can be cut to the shape you want.

Not sure where decals can be used? Find out below.


Commercial Wall Graphics for Business in Edmonton, AB
Vehicle Window Decals for Business in Edmonton

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Quality vinyl sheets and digital printing mean our decals: 

Decals are available in a variety of finishes: 

Uses of Decals and Signs

Discover some creative ways to use decals. 

Custom Decals for Walls in Edmonton, AB
Storefront Vinyl Window Decals in Edmonton, AB

Custom Stickers Edmonton: Maximize Marketing Potential Easily, Affordably

Unlock branding and advertising opportunities with customized stickers and decals. Businesses across Edmonton install them in the office, outdoors, on vehicles, and include them with products to great effect.

Use decals to:

Bring your ideas to life with an experienced custom decal maker in Edmonton. Our signs and decals don’t just look good – they’re designed to convert.

Your Trusted Vinyl Decals Printing shop in Edmonton

Want custom vinyl decals for your business? 3Sixty Sign Solutions offers an easy, affordable way to get decals. Our decal shop is a full-service sign company in Edmonton. We design, print, and install stickers in-house. 

Our team includes experienced signage professionals and creative designers. That’s how we create eye-catching signs that convert!

Not comfortable pasting decals on your own? Professional decal installation is available for wall murals, vehicle murals, storefront windows, and other large vinyl decals. Call a professional installer and avoid rips, tears, and air bubbles.

Our team is always happy to share installation and care tips!

Many of our customers ask us to recommend designs for their signs!


Level Up Body Bar Custom Decals in Edmonton, AB

Who Said Decals and Signs Have to Break the Bank?

Definitely not us! Take advantage of the most cost-effective ways of redecorating the office, personalizing your products, and maximizing branding with custom vinyl decals.

Enjoy unbeatable value with inexpensive signs that that look great for years. We use high-quality vinyl and modern printing for decals in Edmonton that look premium and last longer.

Whether you’re looking to rebrand your workspace or market your business, we’ll help you find options that keep the cost of signs within budget.Contact us to get started on a decal project that transforms your commercial vehicles.

Ordering Custom Decals in Edmonton Couldn't Be Easier

Looking for a one-stop signage shop? 3Sixty Sign Solutions is reputed for quality custom decals in Edmonton. We are a sign company that creates all types of signs. Whether you are looking for window graphics or a storefront sign, we are the team for you.

You will work with a team that is committed to bringing your vision to life. Talk to a signage expert today and discuss your requirements.

Confused by complex websites that don’t explain all the customization options? At 3Sixty Sign Solutions, we want to help you focus more on other parts of your business while we handle all your signage needs. We make ordering decals as easy as 1-2-3.

We’ll never make you settle for standard templates that lack individuality. Enjoy complete freedom to create designs that match your vision.

Need help installing decals? No problem! When you work with one of the top companies for custom decals near you, professional installation is just a phone call away.

Custom Decals FAQS:

Yes, prolonged exposure to direct and harsh sunlight will cause permanent vinyl to fade. It’s why we use special UV-treated vinyl to resist fading in direct sunlight. Make sure you tell our team where you plan to install your custom decals so we can choose the most appropriate vinyl types.

Almost every vinyl maker has their own line of specially designed outdoor vinyl typeFor instance, Oracal 651 is a popular outdoor vinyl from Oracal, while 3M’s Controltac and Scotchcal are good outdoor vinyl options. There are dozens of outdoor vinyl types to choose from, which is why it helps if you know exactly where you will install your decals.

Think of a decal as a stronger, sturdier, customized sticker you can get. Stickers are typically made of paper and a middle adhesive, designed to be installed for a few months at most. Vinyl decals, on the other hand, are made of vinyl, are customized with your designs, and use strong adhesives.

With our customized vinyl stickers and decals, you can install stunning designs virtually anywhere! You can install vinyl decals on vehicles, walls, windows, glass partitions, and more. We use strong but safe adhesives which don’t damage the surface (but check with our team first) nor do they leave unsightly marks when you remove them.

Absolutely not! Where stickers are not customized, are easy to tear, and don’t stick for very long—vinyl decals are the exact opposite. Decals are made of vinyl which is soft but strong, can be personalized with any graphics, and comes with strong adhesives. Vinyl decals also look a lot more premium than stickers!

First, our team spends time with you finalizing the design. Once that’s done, we send the graphic to our printer. We’ll choose the most appropriate vinyl type, and print the design on it. The printed vinyl is cut to your desired shape and applied wherever you need it to go.

Vinyl decals are water-resistant, meaning they shouldn’t be damaged by occasional splashes or spills. Just use a soft dry cloth to wipe the decals dry and prevent them from warping. However, prolonged exposure to moisture can cause the decals to wear out prematurely. It can also weaken the glues holding the decal.

The matte or glossy finish of a sticker will not have an impact on the life of the sticker. We select vinyl  type that is suited for your application, meaning whether you go for glossy or matte, you can expect the same high-quality stickers and long-lasting performance.

Expect your vinyl stickers to last anywhere from six months to six years if they are installed outside. If that sounds like a wide range, it is; the lifespan of a vinyl sticker really depends on the conditions in which it is installed. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will fade inks prematurely, while moisture will wear it out faster.

We advise against trying to re-use custom decals, i.e. taking them off the wall and installing them elsewhere. Once you peel them off, decals tend to lose much of their adhesive, meaning they will peel much faster.

Fortunately, custom decals are some of the most inexpensive signs you can get, meaning you can replace hundreds without breaking a sweat.

Speak to a representative about your requirements.