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Illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters signs are a very popular exterior signage choice, especially for retail spaces in Edmonton, AB. Custom channel letter signs is a superior choice for a wide variety of applications due to the custom options available. Each set of channel letter sign has an individual structure and separate illumination, resulting in professional and highly visible signage.

Custom channel letters are one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of people passing by. As mentioned, these customizable signs can be created using your preferred font type and colours to match your brand’s aesthetic. Whether your business is located on the street, in a retail park, or inside a shopping center doesn’t matter, channel letters deliver an impact that’s hard for people to ignore. Additionally, even though they are popular for outdoor signs, their versatility means they can be installed indoors as well, and be just as effective.

Install Custom Channel Letter Signs at Your Business

  • Backlit Channel Letters: Make a bold impression with backlit channel letter signs. These have lighting pointed at the rear, creating a halo effect, which is why they are also called halo-lit channel letters. The signs create a stunning silhouette for the letters, which instantly raises curb appeal. Backlit channel letters are ideal for establishments looking to offer customers an upscale appearance.
  • Front-Lit Channel Letters: Front-lit channel letters are conventionally illuminated, which entails light shining from the front of the sign face. Each letter is individually illuminated, making a strong first impression on passersby. You can personalize every aspect of the sign, including the design, fonts, lighting colors, and lighting intensity.
  • Combination-Lit Channel Letters: Combine front-lit and reverse channel letters for one of the most eye-catching signs you can get. These signs have front and rear illumination, providing extensive customization options. Create dazzling lighting effects that enhance your branding.
  • Acrylic Channel Letters: Brand your interiors effectively with eye-catching acrylic channel letters. Acrylic letters are usually installed at entrances, such as in lobbies, atriums, and reception areas. There are many customization options to choose from, including matte and polished acrylic letters, lighting configurations, colors, and more. Acrylic can be used to display your business name, logo, and key messages, such as your business’s core values.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Some of the top benefits of choosing channel letter signs include:

In addition to choosing your letter height, depth and font, you also have choice when it comes to the various lighting options for channel letters. Options include:
Commercial Channel Letter for Adria Pizza in Edmonton, AB

Receive the Value You Expect from a Top Sign Company

Transform your business with custom channel letters and the help of a proven sign team. At 3Sixty Sign Solutions, we are a full-service sign company that makes designing and installing signs effortless. Our team handles everything so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Expert Design: Create branded channel letter signs near me effortlessly with our creative design team. We take the time to understand your needs, branding, and target market. Modify designs to suit your preferences and visualize signs on a virtual template before you finalize the design.
  • Channel Letter Fabrication: Enjoy long-lasting performance and a premium finish when you order signs from us. Every lighted channel letter is carefully fabricated by experienced professionals using high-quality materials. We also use modern construction methods, digital printing, and LED lighting for the highest-quality signs.
  • Professional Installation: Leave installation to our professional team in Edmonton, AB, that takes care of everything from surface preparation to mounting. We arrange equipment, run wiring, and ensure a secure sign. Need assistance applying for a permit for your sign? Our team will guide and advise you on paperwork, blueprints, and more.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Maximize the value of your investment with unmatched after-sales support and customer service. We offer routine maintenance and emergency repair services in Edmonton, AB, to keep your sign looking new for years.
Custom channel letters of Intero on building in Edmonton, AB 

Why Customers Choose Our Illuminated Channel Letter Signs

LED channel letter signs are a significant investment, which is why businesses turn to us. Our responsive team doesn’t just build signs; we also foster long-term partnerships with our customers.
From delivering competitively priced LED channel letters to taking accountability for the finished project, we deliver value at every step of the process. It’s why we have an unmatched 5-star rating that other sign companies in Edmonton, AB, cannot match.
Give us a call today to get started or explore our website for more information.

Channel Letters FAQs:

What is a channel letter?

Channel letters are illuminated building signage made of individual three-dimensional letters, numbers, and shapes. Individual letters can have metal or plastic housings; glass or acrylic may be used for the sign face.

What sets channel letters apart from other signs is the wide range of lighting options available. We use energy-efficient LED lighting for our signs that’s 25X longer-lasting and 8X more economical than traditional bulbs.

How much do channel letters cost?

Depending on their size and complexity, the cost of channel letters varies. Which type of illumination you choose will also affect the final cost of the sign.

Make sure you factor in the cost of labor and equipment to install the sign, monthly energy charges for lighting, and any fees payable to the building owner in your calculations.

Where can I get channel letters in Edmonton?

Channel letters are specialized signage, and you should work with an established sign company like 3Sixty Sign Solutions for yours. You’ll work with an experienced team that will help you create eye-catching designs that help you generate leads.

How do you quote a channel letter?

We schedule a free on-site visit to provide customers with the most accurate cost estimates and project timelines. Our representative will assess your space, take measurements, discuss designs and materials with you.

We’ll prepare a quote based on that information. Unlike other sign shops, our quote clearly outlines transportation and installation charges.

How do you install a channel letter?

There are five steps involved in channel letter sign installation:

  1. Preparation: We’ll assess the wall to bear the load of the sign.
  2. Electrical wiring: An electrician will prepare electrical connections for the sign.
  3. Mounts: We’ll install mounting brackets on the wall.
  4. Installation: Our team will carefully mount the letters and complete electrical runs.
  5. Testing: We’ll test the sign to ensure safe installation and illumination.

We make installing channel letter signs completely seamless. Every sign is installed with care by experienced, professional installers. We include installation and equipment costs in our quote.

How do you create a channel letter?

We start every signage project with design. You can send your design or tell us to create one for you. Once you okay it, we’ll send the sign to our dedicated fabrication shop for production.

Our team prepares the metal or plastic casings of the letters first, taking care to seal the body against water ingress with sealant. Lighting strips are installed next and fastened down. Finally, we’ll install the sign face.

Every sign undergoes an extensive quality assurance process to ensure it’s ready to provide years of hassle-free performance, even in Edmonton’s harsh environment.

Get attention day and night with custom channel letters.