Custom Wayfinding & Directional Signage

Wayfinding Sign

Custom wayfinding or directional signage allow your customers to navigate your building with ease by providing clear directions and identifying important rooms. If your workplace isn’t equipped with proper directional signage, your customers will become frustrated, lost, and feel dissatisfied with their overall experience inside your business. This makes custom directional signs  an important component of your signage strategy. Let the team at 3Sixty Sign Solutions create custom directional signs that direct your customers and complement your other signage. We’ll expertly create directional signs that use your brand’s logo, colours, and font, and build them to suit your specifications and needs in Edmonton.

Choosing from Our Selection of Wayfinding & Directional Signage

  • Directional Signs with Arrows: Guide visitors around your premises, manage queuing, and the flow of traffic with arrow signs. Our customers use them to lead people to promotions, direct them to the checkout, and point them to where they need to go. You can personalize every aspect of the sign, from the size and style of arrows to the message being displayed.
  • Directional Signs for Events: Elevate your event with branded directional signs. Our signs are great for guiding visitors around the venue while branding it tastefully. We design signs for weddings, conference venues, sporting events, school assemblies, and more. Get everything from personalized directional signs to decorative wall banners under one roof.
  • Directional Signs for Office Buildings: Provide occupants with a safe, effortless, and accessible experience with the right directional signs for your office. We offer a wide range of signs, including directory, elevator, floor number, door number, and nameplate signs. You can customize each to suit your business’s branding and decor. Plus, you can take your signs to the next level with stunning lighting options.
  • Hanging Directional Signs: Signs hanging from the ceiling are vital in creating safe, easy to navigate spaces. We offer a wide variety of sign solutions, including acrylic signs, nameplates, and emergency exit signs. Personalize your signage with the help of our expert team in Edmonton, AB. We will creatively devise a signage system that guides traffic within your office seamlessly.
  • Outdoor Directory Signs: Display the names and details of tenants in your building with outdoor directory signs. Our signs are available in a variety of styles, including metal, wood, illuminated, and digital. We also offer interchangeable directory signs, which allow you to update the sign effortlessly.

More specifically, there are four types of wayfinding signage that can be utilized to create a positive experience for you customers.

1. Identification Signs – This type of signage displays things like the names of conference rooms outside the door, the entrance to a parking garage or the loading dock of an office building.
2. Directional Signs – Good directional signage ensures that your visitors don’t lose their way when trying to navigate your space.
3. Informational Signs – These signs can contain necessary information or give facts and history.
4. Regulatory Signs – Often considered the most important wayfinding signs, regulatory signs let people know what they can and can’t do. Other types of regulatory signs, such as ADA/AODA signs, create a safe and accessible environment.

Well-designed custom wayfinding signage starts with understanding your environment and how to maximize communication with your audiences. 3Sixty Sign Solutions can create the directional signs you need and will ensure that they are:

Hanging Wayfinding Sign in Office

Not Sure Which Office Wayfinding Signs You Need to Install?

Alberta requires offices, clinics, warehouses, daycares, and other commercial premises to install a range of emergency exit, fire safety, and accessibility signs as part of the barrier-free design code. If your location does not have the right business signs at the right places, you could find yourself at the receiving end of a hefty fine or an order to rectify the issue immediately.

Book a site evaluation from our experienced, Edmonton, AB-based team to guide you on interior and exterior wayfinding signage. We will recommend the signs you should consider installing and where to ensure a safe, compliant visitor experience.

Benefits of Installing Way Finding Signage

Wayfinding signs are the cornerstone of positive visitor experiences. The right signs can help you brand your office, create a memorable impression, and ensure an accessible experience for everyone. You can install wayfinding signs to:

  • Display branding to create a cohesive space.
  • Provide a frustration-free experience with essential signs, such as restroom signs.
  • Enhance visitor experiences by displaying the information they need to navigate your space independently.
  • Support people with physical, cognitive, auditory, and visual disabilities when navigating your space.
  • Foster a safe premises with emergency signs.

Let the team at 3Sixty Sign Solutions create custom wayfinding and directional signs that make your space welcoming and inviting to all customers. We’ll expertly create the custom signs you need to support your Edmonton business, while also ensuring they showcase your brand and complement your other signage.

Help your customers navigate your business with custom wayfinding signs.