Metal Signs in Edmonton, AB

Custom Interior Metal Signage for Business in Edmonton, AB

Get custom-designed indoor and outdoor metal signs for your business. Our expert fabrication and welding shop works with all types of businesses and all budgets. Expert craftspeople provide creative designs and build premium signs.

You get signs that look better and last longer than signs from other companies.

3Sixty Sign Solutions is a full-service signage company in Edmonton. An in-house team designs, builds, installs, and maintains a variety of metal signs. We build small and large metal signs for offices, warehouses, factories, condominiums, and government buildings in Edmonton.

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What are Metal Signs?

Metal signs are signs that are made wholly or partly out of materials like aluminum, steel, iron, tin, or brass. Signs are available in brushed, polished,and textured finishes. There are many uses of metal signs. Some are used as wayfinding signs to label rooms and premises; others are used as storefront signs, building signs, for traffic management, and more.

We can create all types of vintage, classic, contemporary, or ultramodern metal business signs. Signs can be of any color and any shape. Get the organic look of hand-cut shapes or the precision of laser-cutting for your signs.

Indoor metal signs are made of: 


Indoor signs also include a pre-made mounting option for easy installation.

Outdoor signs can be a simple metal sheet with printed graphics or a completely custom sign with intricate shapes. Installation depends on specific aesthetic requirements. 


Custom Metal Door Office Signs in Edmonton, AB
MaxWell Metal Letters for Office Lobby in Edmonton, AB

Types of Metal Signs

Design any type of indoor or outdoor sign. We build custom metal signs for small businesses, office parks, shopping centers, healthcare providers, hotels, and many other businesses in Edmonton, AB.


Don’t see the metal sign you want? An expert team can work with virtually any metal to build a variety of signs. All our signs can be configured with lighting options: 

Our team works with you every step of the way to ensure the cost of metal signs does not exceed your budget. We will advise you on material choice, longevity, installation options, and lighting for the perfect signs.

Metal Plate Sign at Reception

Searching for “Metal Signs Near Me” in Edmonton?

Looking for a sign shop near you in Edmonton that can build metal signs? It’s better to choose a place that has a track record of building signs that customers love. Nothing beats quality signs – especially when it comes to achieving a great look and safely installed signage.

At 3Sixty Sign Solutions, we build all types of aluminum signs in Edmonton and accept requests for specialized materials as well. An experienced team will guide you through the specifics of sign design and help you get your dream result!

Customer service is a top priority for us, and we aren’t satisfied with the sign till you are.

Metal Signs FAQS:

These are signs made wholly or partially from a metal, such as stainless steel, or aluminum. They’re a favourite of Edmonton businesses because they hit the sweet spot of customizability and cost. Personalize signs exactly to your needs, enjoy hassle-free ownership, and get maximum value from your sign when you work with us.

Some of the most popular metals used for building metal signs are stainless steel and aluminum. Though any metal can be used for indoor signs, it’s better to choose corrosion-resistant signs for outdoor signs. If you’re not sure which to use for your signs, we’ll help you identify cost-effective, durable options.

We only source quality materials and LEDs for headache-free ownership. Expect your metal signs to last 10+ years comfortably! A little care and maintenance can easily prolong the life of the sign. If you see signs of wind or water damage, tell us about it. We’ll have your sign looking and performing like new in no time.

The type of metal depends on where you plan to install your sign. Signs installed outdoors tend to receive greater wear and tear, so it’s best to use stronger, corrosion-resistant metals such as aluminum. Indoor signs are safe from weather, meaning you can use any material you want. We also apply protective coatings to make signs resistant to UV damage.

Metal signs start at as little as $165 for a small indoor sign, costing over $12,000 for large outdoor signs. The cost depends on the size of the sign, lighting, and the materials used.

Metal signs are made of a variety of materials, not just metal! Most signs include:

  • The metal housing
  • Acrylic or glass fascia
  • LED lighting strips for illumination
  • Rivets and adhesives to hold it all together

You don’t have to worry about any of it! We’ll make sure your sign meets your specifications and offers years of reliable performance.

Stop signs along the road are made of aluminum, indeed. Aluminum hits the sweet spot of cost, durability, and performance. It’s a corrosion-resistant material that requires virtually no maintenance, even over the years. Aluminum is abundantly available, too, which means signs are affordable. Good thing, too; you don’t want to be paying thousands of dollars for a single sign!

3Sixty Sign Solutions is one of the best metal sign companies in Edmonton. Instead of telling you, “That’s not possible”, we bring your dream signs to life. You’ll work with a skilled, experienced team that guides you throughout the signage process and is committed to offering maximum value for money.

Without knowing the shape, size, and location where your sign will be installed, it’s tough to say how thick the sign should be. Generally, we recommend thicker gauge metal for outdoor signs so they can withstand hail, snow load, and wind debris. Indoor signs can be made of thinner material because they don’t usually receive a lot of wear and tear.

The best place for metal signs near you is right here—3Sixty Sign Solutions. You’ll work with a professional team that makes ordering signs easy. We have an in-house design team, a fully-equipped manufacturing shop, and printing facilities. No wonder we’re the one-stop-shop for Edmonton businesses.

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