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Window graphics & decals are an easy, attractive, and convenient way to support your branding, communicate with customers, and create an attractive storefront appearance. They’re made from quality vinyl and can be installed on glass windows and doors. As they’re quick to install and remove, window graphics can be switched out and changed as often as desired. Businesses can use window graphics to share work hours, logos, slogans, and promote upcoming events. Graphics can also be used by retail stores to add an eye-catching, decorative touch to their storefront during holiday seasons.

Window Display Graphics for Business in Edmonton, AB
Exterior Window Graphics for Retail in Edmonton, AB
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Exterior Window Graphics for Business in Edmonton, AB

We Can Turn Your Storefront Windows Into Interactive Message Boards

At 3Sixty Sign Solutions, a sign company in Edmonton, AB, we offer a wide variety of storefront window graphics in Edmonton. Depending on your requirements, we can turn them into any shape, size, colour or texture to ensure that the right message is being communicated. You can go with a wide selection of existing designs or get a custom design that complements the theme of your brand. All the signs that we produce are made from the best materials to ensure that our clients get premium finish and durability. Get in touch with us to learn how we can create and install the perfect custom window graphics for your business or storefront.

Why Window Graphics?

For a business owner, every square inch of commercial space is crucial. With storefront window graphics, you have the opportunity to make the best of your unused window space and turn it into a message board. This, in turn, will catch the attention of the people who are walking or driving past your storefront’s windows.

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What Are Custom Window Decals?

Custom window decals are small pieces of graphics that are printed by using adhesive vinyl. They can be easily applied on glass, doors or any other smooth surfaces and can be removed easily without leaving any residue behind. Custom window decals can be printed into any shape, size or design to match the brand requirements. For small windows, vinyl window decals are a great choice. They help the general foot traffic to recognize your brand with a small logo sometimes coupled with taglines. They also play an important role in highlighting promotions, upcoming events, top products and more.

Types of Window Graphics:

Window graphics in Edmonton are used for both promotional and decorative purposes. Whatever it is that you are looking for, we can provide a personalized solution for you. Here are the types of window decals that we offer:

Application: Window decals also known as window stickers are well suited for both indoor and outdoor usage for restaurants, retail stores and offices. They can be applied to storefronts, glass doors, mirrors or any other smooth glass surfaces. They are mainly used to showcase small messages like the brand logo, tagline, opening hours, products, contact details and promotions.

Installation: Most of our window graphics for storefront are super easy to install and can be applied by simply following the instructions. The overall process just takes a few minutes.

Maintenance: Edmonton window graphics can be easily cleaned by a damp, non-abrasive rag to remove the dirt in order to maintain its quality and improve the lifespan. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid power washers as they weaken the strength of adhesives. These simple measures can ensure that your decals last for several years.

Window Graphics FAQS:

Think of window graphics as customized stickers for your windows. They are made of vinyl and can simply be pasted on windows without any special tools. You can personalize window graphics with your logo, colours, message, and more. Our customers use window graphics to decorate storefront windows, advertise promotions, and display seasonal themes.

Absolutely, and you don’t need any special tools either (though they can help)! Window decals are like stickers, only they use stronger adhesives for long-lasting performance. Soften the glue by using a hair dryer or heat gun and gently pry one edge of the decal. After that, peel the decal off the glass slowly.

For the most part, window clings and window decals are remarkably alike: both can be installed on glass surfaces, and both can be personalized with your designs. So what’s the difference?

Window decals use adhesives to stick to glass, meaning you can install them indoors or outdoors, but they aren’t reusable. Window clings, on the other hand, use static electricity to stick to glass, meaning they can be reused, though are only suitable for indoor use.

Window decals are almost universally made from vinyl—so the question you should be asking is which type of vinyl is best for window decals. The two major types are cast and calendared vinyl. Calendared vinyl is the preferred option for window decals because it’s slightly thicker and more rigid than cast vinyl.  It also offers a cost advantage over cast vinyl, hitting the performance-longevity sweet spot.

Window graphics can vary quite a bit in cost depending on the size, complexity, and number of them you need. Talk to us today to find out exactly how much it’ll cost you to install window graphics.

There are five main types of window decals you can choose from. These are:

  • Clear decals
  • Perforated decals
  • Frosted decals
  • Opaque decals
  • Vinyl letters

Make sure you find out about the pros and cons of each because they will do more than just affect the appearance of your graphics. The different types of decals also impact privacy, natural light, and temperature.

Window signs can last anywhere from 6 months to 6 years! We use high-quality vinyl that resists warping and stretching due to temperature changes and digital printing to prevent inks from fading prematurely. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight and extreme temperature swings will accelerate wear and tear on the signs.

Absolutely, we have clear, perforated, and frosted window decals that allow you to see through them to varying degrees. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of options to get the amount of light passing through the decals just right. And our team’s here to help you find the right window decals for your business.

Perforated window vinyl is a sheet of vinyl with miniature holes in it. The holes in perforated vinyl are extremely small, measuring no more than a millimetre or two in diameter. That’s why you only see the design and don’t notice the holes.

Catch the attention of passersby and strengthen your branding with custom window graphics.