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Create a unique, vibrant office space that engages visitors, excites employees, and makes your office your own. Bring your dream modern office design to life with one of the top environmental graphic design firms in Edmonton.

Work with an experienced office interior design team that’ll help you tastefully brand the workspace and enhance visitor experience. Enjoy personal attention from a team that spends time understanding your vision and creates office interiors that align with your corporate culture.

3Sixty Sign Solutions is the go-to partner for environmental signs in the city, we design interiors, produce, and install signs. Book a complimentary consultation to discuss your office space with a professional today.

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Transform whitewashed rooms and bland beige walls into energizing spaces easily and affordably. We’re the go-to office design company for law firms, educational institutions, retailers, arcades, and businesses across the city. Discover a seamless experience with a team that guides you throughout the journey:

Create inspirational office designs with professionals who understand your goals, your audience, and your budget.

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Unique, Branded Spaces Brought to Life

Boost productivity, boost profitability with an office space that reflects your atmosphere and makes your business stand out. Choose from a wide range of signs and graphics, including:

From the lobby to the conference, create cohesive, color-matched spaces that elevate your brand and business.

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Combine form and function when you work with a leading environmental design agency. Book a complimentary consultation, tell us what you want to achieve, and refresh your office affordably.

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Environmental Graphic Design FAQS:

The three key elements of environmental signs are:


Together, they must tell a story about the business and create a holistic space. Environmental signs use a variety of graphics, colors, patterns, and other design cues to brand a space. Ideally, they should be installed across the premises to offer a cohesive experience to visitors.

Environmental signs serve several purposes:

Brand a space subtly and tastefully
Display graphics, images, and achievements of a business
Enhance décor for a business

To find out how you can use your signs, speak to an experienced sign designer.

You’ll find environmental signs wherever the business is trying to create a memorable experience for visitors. Clubs, shopping complexes, boutiques, and offices are some of the most common places where you will find environmental signs.

Absolutely! If you are including text on your environmental sign, you can display it in multiple languages. A lot of our customers display the original text in a large font and its translation in a smaller font directly underneath it. Our designers use small design elements to differentiate the text and ensure appeal.

To be eco-friendly, a signage material needs to be long-lasting, recyclable, and environmentally responsible to produce. Materials such as vinyl and metal are durable and can perform flawlessly for years. They are often recyclable, meaning less waste goes to the landfill overall. As for ethical production, we source materials from major suppliers like 3M that are known for their efforts in being environmentally friendly.