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Custom wall decals are a great way to inject fresh energy into an office. Versatile and affordable, wall graphics in Edmonton, AB have been recognized as the most user-friendly way of giving the office a makeover. Far easier to apply than paint and easy to remove without damaging the paintwork, decals are the perfect décor for the office manager of today.

In this article we look at some benefits of using wall graphics at the workplace, tell you about the different kinds of decals and collate some inspiring designs from Pinterest.

Benefits of Using Wall Decals in the Office

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Custom Decals for Walls in Edmonton, AB

Refresh Your Office with Attractive Wall Graphics in Edmonton

Breathe fresh life into your office with eye-catching wall graphics, motivational quotes, and much more. We help businesses in Edmonton redecorate their space quickly and affordably.

Bring your ideas to life with our custom vinyl wall graphics for walls, doors, and windows. We can print any design, cut any shape, and bring the most creative ideas to life.

We won’t tell you what’s not possible—we’ll work with you to realize your vision. Take advantage of advanced printing equipment for colors that pop and wall vinyl decals that resist fade for years.

Discuss your ideas with an experienced signage team in Edmonton today.

Less Expensive Than Artwork, More Effective Than Paint

Want to give your office space a unique look without breaking the bank or losing your security deposit? Transform bland walls into artistic showpieces, brand your office, or just ‘repaint’ with removable wall decals.

Installing large wall decals takes almost no time at all – and doesn’t leave noxious fumes lingering for days like paint does.

Custom Office Wall Decals in Edmonton
Custom Made Wall Graphics for Business in Edmonton, AB

Ordering Wall Vinyl Decals Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Work with one of the leading sign companies in Edmonton that helps businesses like yours redecorate the workspace. Whether you want to brand your office or make it pop with vibrant graphics, we’re the team for you.

Different Types of Custom Wall Decals in Edmonton

With such tremendous scope for creativity, no two custom wall decals are alike. A business owner or office manager can truly incorporate anything they want on their walls. There are three basic flavors of decals: complete wall decals that cover the wall entirely; partial decals that are cut to custom shapes; and wall lettering that is used for messaging.

Here are a few decal ideas to get you started:

Team wall graphics with elements like doors and windows for truly interactive art!

Vinyl Wall Decals for School in Edmonton, AB
Custom Wall Graphics for Little Icons in Edmonton, AB

Why Edmonton Businesses Choose Us for Vinyl Wall Decals

Spend time doing what you want to – creating the perfect styles and designs for your office. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting and make getting custom wall decals for your business seamless.

You’ll work with a team that:

Enjoy expert service from an experienced sign company in Edmonton. We bring years of experience working with all types of businesses serving a wide range of industries.Contact us now to get started.

Looking for Creative Vinyl Wall Decals for Your Office?

Look no further. 3SixtySignSolutions is the sign company in Edmonton business owners trust for custom wall decals. We print, build and install all types of vinyl graphics – affordably. Talk to a representative about your requirements.

Wall Decals FAQS:

Think of wall decals as personalized, branded stickers for your walls. They’re a great way to advertise products and services, brand the workplace, and improve visitor experience. Decals are made of vinyl and have glue on one side, which means you can install them on virtually any smooth surface.

Oh yes, wall decals are durable! Since they are made of vinyl, unlike paper stickers, they tend to be long-lasting. Once pasted, whether on wall or window panes, ceilings, outdoors, or indoors, wall decals don’t peel off easily. Decals can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the environmental conditions.

This depends on the type of vinyl used for the graphics. Vinyl comes with permanent adhesive or long term removable adhesive. Long term removable adhesive can be removed with heat, with little to no damage to the wall surface. Vinyl with permanent adhesive will be difficult to remove without damage to the wall.

Opaque, adhesive vinyl is the best option for wall decals. It minimizes mess during installation (just peel and stick!), and it offers a smooth finish. You can choose from a couple of different types of vinyl materials, calendared and cast. Our team will select the material that offers the best balance between cost and durability.

Vinyl decals can last anywhere from a few months to over four years. The lifespan of your decals depends on the conditions they experience. Heat, cold, and humidity can weaken adhesives, making vinyl decals peel prematurely. Prolonged exposure to artificial lighting and sunlight can fade designs too.

Absolutely, adhesive vinyl is designed to be used on walls! But one important thing to remember is that the wall surface should be smooth; cracks and uneven surfaces can damage the decal or prevent it from sticking properly.

Stickers are generally small, made of paper, and you can’t customize the design. Wall decals, on the other hand, are the super cousin of stickers. Made of vinyl, they are extremely durable, and you can personalize every aspect of the decal. Tell us about your needs and find out how much your wall decals will cost.

Absolutely. Transform bland corridors and blank walls into stunning spaces with wall stickers. Our customers use stickers to highlight products and promotions, brand the workplace, and provide directions. To make the most of your signs, have a clear idea about what you want your stickers to achieve.

It depends on the material used for the decals; lower priced decals generally come with permanent adhesive while long term removable adhesive is a little more expensive. We offer a wide array of solutions to suit the various needs of our customers. This is why businesses across Edmonton turn to us for wall decals and graphics.

Add colour to your business and support your branding with decorative wall murals.