Pylon Signs in Edmonton

pylon signs in Edmonton

Tower over your competitors, beat obstructions blocking you from view, market to customers for kilometres around – with pylon signs. These tall signs have been staples alongside highways, but now businesses in Edmonton are discovering the benefits of these tall signs within the city. Exceptional for marketing to drive-thru traffic and pedestrians alike, get pylons today and supercharge your marketing efforts!

Tall signs that will make you a local landmark in Edmonton.

3Sixty Signs Solutions works with:

Our panels for pylons can be completely customized. And an experienced team helps you navigate city bylaws and health and safety concerns. When it comes to pylon signs in Edmonton, trust only the best commercial sign company in the business!

What is a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs are types of elevated signs standing anywhere from 18 feet to 60 feet tall (can be taller or shorter according to requirement). A pylon sign traditionally features an illuminated sign box or signboard mounted on supports. From the sign face to the support on which it sits, everything can be customized exactly according to your requirements. 

Types of pylon signs

Don’t see the kind of sign you want? Speak to our team and design custom panels for pylon.

Uses of Pylon Signs

Pylons have been used extensively in Edmonton to market to fast-moving vehicular traffic because they are visible from far away. Drive-thrus, gas stations, hospitals, and rest stops are popular examples. However, restaurants, Air BnBs antique stores, farmers’ markets, and many other commercial businesses have now started to install pylons.

You can choose the height, size, and installation of the sign. Sign boxes can be personalized for: 

Nowadays, digital signs have become very common because they are reliable, can show complex graphics and moving images.

Afraid of the cost of pylon signs? Talk to our team. We help businesses prepare signs that suit their budget.

Full-Service Pylon Sign Manufacturer

As a full-service signage company in Edmonton, 3Sixty Signs Solutions makes getting pylon signs easy. We design, build, install, and maintain signs. A team with years of experience can also guide you on city bylaws and how you should go about filing permits. Whether you need a small affordable sign for a main street store or a large sign to be installed on the highway, we are the team for you. Call us today and discuss your requirements.

We make getting quality pylon signage completely turnkey.