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Make installing, servicing, repairing, and removing signs a hassle-free experience by finding full-service sign installers near me. 3Sixty Sign Solutions is your one-stop shop for all sign installation needs, including indoor, outdoor, and custom signs.

Using Bucket Truck Installation and Services Across Edmonton

Need to install, service, repair, or replace a building or rooftop sign? We provide sign repair and installation with a bucket truck, making even the toughest-looking repairs look simple.

Our team arranges the bucket truck and all the equipment required for servicing and repairing signs. If you need help with signs that you didn’t buy from us, don’t worry. We can service it just the same.

At 3Sixty Sign Solutions, you will enjoy a hassle-free experience by partnering with professionals who bring years of experience installing and maintaining signs across Edmonton, AB.

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Discover More About Indoor and Outdoor Sign Installation

Designing an attractive sign is only half the battle when acquiring new signage; installing it correctly is the other half, which makes it an essential step in the process. The aim of sign installation services is to make sure your sign is securely and correctly installed, which is why working with a reputable company is key.

We install all kinds of indoor and outdoor signs, including storefront signs, rooftop signs, billboards, wall graphics, window graphics, and more. Our team handles each step in the process, from arranging all equipment to leaving your place neat and tidy after the installation is complete.

Our experienced professionals can even make it easy for you to obtain your signage permits. We offer to assist with filing out applications, signing blueprints, and decoding Edmonton’s complex zoning regulations.

What is the Importance of Sign Repair?

Edmonton’s harsh winters and wet summers can take a toll on signs. Moisture damage and warping due to extreme cold are common problems. Vandalism can be a problem, too, if your sign is accessible from the ground.
We can diagnose and fix all issues, getting your sign back to full functionality. We perform a wide range of sign repairs near you, including housing repair, sign anchor repair, lightbulb changes, repainting, cleaning, and more.
Our team also performs safety inspections to ensure the sign is securely installed and complies with all regulations. With years of experience with sign permits, we can even let you know if you are non-compliant with Edmonton signage by-laws.

Sign Refurbishment and Retrofits

Is your sign showing signs of age? Have birds made it their nesting spot? Are the colors faded or is the wiring shot? We know that a business sign can be sentimental, but it’s important to know when your sign is past its “best before” date. A poorly maintained sign doesn’t just turn customers away; it can be a safety risk too.
Our refurbishment and retrofitting services will make your sign look new again. Whether you bought your sign from us or other sign installation companies, we can refresh your sign by:

While you may not see the benefit in refreshing your sign, there is one key reason why investing in an upgrade is a good idea. The International Sign Association found replacing a sign can give your business up to a 10% boost in sales. If you’re looking for new ways to level up your business, it’s time to consider the effect that your signage can have on your success.

Sign Removal and Recycling

Whether you’re replacing an existing sign or simply looking to dispose of an old one, we can help. Our team neatly removes signs and even provides surface repair; this is ideal if you are looking to leave the property immaculate for your landlord or property management company.

Reduce your impact on the environment by having us recycle the sign responsibly. We ensure metals are salvaged, light bulbs are disposed off appropriately, and the least amount of waste goes to the landfill.

Give us a call today if you’re looking for any of our provided signage services. We’re happy to help!

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