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Discover the ultimate tools for branding and advertising in Edmonton – vinyl signs. Benefit from signage that’s incredibly affordable and completely customizable.

At 3Sixty Sign Solutions, we help all types of businesses install signs on short notice. Get all the indoor and outdoor vinyl graphics and banners you need at our shop.

You’ll work with a creative team that brings your vision to life. Whether you’re looking for large billboard signs or decorative banners for events, we are the team for you.

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We accept urgent and large signage orders. We can ship signs across Alberta or you can pick them up at our store.  

We Have All Types of Vinyl Signs

Browse an enormous catalogue of stickers, decals, graphics, banners, and more. 

Don’t see the sign you’re looking for? Unlike other sign shops near you that only print standard templates, we can print any design and cut any shape. 

Get the perfect sign for your office, event, or campaign:

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Benefits and Uses of Vinyl Signs

What is a vinyl sign? Our signs are made of a high-grade vinyl sheet (also called PVC). Work with a fully-equipped studio that prints and cuts sheets according to your design. 

Our vinyl signs are popular with all types of businesses and event organizers. They offer incredible value for money and can be prepared at short notice.

Here’s how our customers use vinyl signage:

Unlike other sign shops, all our signs are customized for your needs. Our goal is the same as yours – eye-catching signs that generate leads.

We can even prepare signs for same-day or next-day pick-up.

Why Businesses Choose 3Sixty Sign Solutions

Don’t settle for just any company that offers “vinyl signs near me” in Edmonton. Experience white-glove service from one of the leading sign companies that prioritize quality. 

Our customers trust us because we offer: 

Looking for “vinyl printing near me” for an urgent project? We accept urgent and bulk orders for signs. 
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Leading Shop for Vinyl Signs in Edmonton, AB

3Sixty Sign Solutions has become the byword for quality signs. Work with a professional team and enjoy a hassle-free signage experience.

We’ll help you keep the cost of vinyl signs within budget, without cutting corners on quality.

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Vinyl Sign FAQS:

These signs are made of a durable, flexible material called polyvinyl chloride. Vinyl is an excellent canvas: you can customize its size and shape, fold it, flex it, and print any graphics you want on it. We print all types of vinyl signs, banners, decals, and more.

There’s a huge selection of vinyl signs and graphics you can choose from, including wall hanging banners, storefront window signs, window decals, wall murals, ceiling signs, and trade show signs. Make the most of your signs when you work with us—we customize signs with your designs and branding.

Outdoor vinyl can last anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years, depending on the kind of conditions they face. Long hours of sunlight exposure every day and water splashes will fade signs faster; prolonged exposure to temperature extremes can harden glues, too, and cause premature peeling.

The cost of a vinyl sign depends on its size and where you are going to install it (outdoor signs use thicker gauge vinyl and receive protective treatments). Talk to us to get an accurate estimate for your signs.

Vinyl signs are generally water-resistant and can handle minor splashes and spills no problem. Just use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the sign dry after the spill to minimize the risk of damage. Our outdoor vinyl signs receive water-resistant coatings, which add another layer of protection, keeping them safe even during heavy rainfall.

The first step in printing is design—we’ll sit with you to create personalized designs with your branding. After that, our team prepares a digital template to send to the printer. We select the most suitable vinyl for your use case (balancing cost and durability) and set up the printer. Once printing is complete, our team cuts the vinyl down to your desired size and shape.

Here are how the different types of vinyl printing and screen printing work:

  • Heat printing—The design is transferred over from a printed template using heat.
  • Digital printing—The design is printed directly on the vinyl sheet.
  • Screen printing–You create the design by cutting out stencils (or screens), each of which holds a different color for the design. To print the design, you’ll place the screen on the material you want to print on and pour the ink.

Finding the right vinyl signs and graphics depends on:

  • Where you’ll be installing them.
  • What you’re going to use them for.
  • How much you want to spend.

Signs such as storefront window signs are great for advertising while hanging banners allow you to brand your space in no time. Talk to us today to find the right signs for your business.

There are many shops where you can get vinyl signs, but if you’re looking for premium signs at competitive prices, 3Sixty Sign Solutions is the company to come to. We only use high-quality vinyl from suppliers like 3M and Oracal to ensure long-lasting signs. Our digital printing facilities provide high-resolution images and fade-free colors too.

The best place to get vinyl signs near you—and we’ll be just a bit unbiased—is right here. Our customers look to us for high-quality signs that offer exceptional value. You’ll work with an experienced team that will help you create designs from scratch and guides you throughout the process.