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What is Yard Sign?

A yard sign is a highly popular kind of outdoor signage with many uses, from product advertisements to political campaigns. They are weather-resistant, easy to install, and budget-friendly and are typically installed on front yards and in heavy-traffic intersections.

3Sixty Sign Solutions is the leading Edmonton sign company that utilizes premium grade materials and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture custom yard signs. We don’t just offer yard sign printing; we provide a complete range of sign services, namely, consultation, design, fabrication, installation, repair, and maintenance. As industry experts, we provide localized sign solutions that appeal to your target market and lead them in taking the right actions that bring in business. Reach out to us today to request a quote for your lawn signs.

Types of Yard Signs in Edmonton

  • Sizes: The standard size for yard signs is 24" x18", which has enough space to showcase a fair amount of text and images that can be seen from afar. Other common sizes include 24″x6″, 18″x12″, 36″x18″, 2'x2′, and 4'x4′. These are great if you want to display a bigger sign in an area that's more difficult to notice.
  • Display methods: For yard signs manufactured with vertical fluting and corrugated plastic, wire stakes are usually used to display them. The amount and type of wire stakes depend on the actual size of your signage. On the other hand, metal frames can hold yard signs made from aluminum, rigid plastic, and corrugated plastic. Real estate posts are ideal for yard signs that have 24" to 36" in width. If you're looking for the most low-cost option, grommets are your best bet. These are great if you want to mount your signage on a wall or surface.

Uses for Yard Signs in Edmonton

  • Endorse public events: From concerts to fundraisers, yard signs are great for increasing your number of event participants, sponsors, and attendees.
  • Announce greetings and milestones: Are your welcoming someone home or congratulating a loved one who recently graduated medical school? These easy-to-use signs are fantastic for events and celebrations close to your heart. From romantic proposals to fun birthday yard signs, we can do them all.
  • Support political personalities and campaigns: Increase engagement and educate people about your platform with bold and professional yard signs. Our Edmonton team will work closely with you to ensure that the signage aligns with your image and campaign strategy.
  • Promote projects, upcoming launches, and store openings: Yard signs are also perfect for letting locals know about the newest or soon to rise establishments and infrastructures in the area. In doing so, you can expect more people to talk about the project and attend your opening.
  • Provide wayfinding information: These are great for letting potential customers know your establishment's distance from where they currently are and what turns they need to make to reach the destination.
  • Boost sales: Whether you have a new product collection or want to amplify your marketing efforts for a specific service that is not popular with your patrons, yard signs are the perfect budget-friendly advertising medium for them. As your trusted Edmonton team, we will install them in strategic spots so you can get maximum impressions.

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